who we are

Hello. my name is Andrew Rutsch. I founded Kardia to make a difference in the life of people with leadership responsibility, currently and soon-to-be. And this way also in the life of many other people. Specifically: we - a number of colleagues and I - we support business owners and co-leaders, how they in today’s globalizing and very challenging environment

that is shaped by big changes, by great uncertainties, fears and apprehensions, by very high stress levels and unproductive dealing with each other - how they can create in such a highly challenging environment with their teams, customers and partners a lot more easily - and in consequence - faster a sustainable real peak performance. And create with this a better present and future.

Put differently: how you can realize and create attractive enterprises with a collective positive spirit, radiative strength and magnetic effect.

Enterprises that create joy and with a lot less burnouts, disability insurance cases and other collateral damages on the other side of the spectrum. Enterprises that last exactly because of this. That endure. I have founded Kardia for exactly such undertakings and collaborative creations and performances.

This interest and this passion for things and activities that bring joy to people, that give them strength and energy, this took its course when I started to work in sports sales 20 plus years ago. Which then pulled me almost 15 years ago to build an actual health management program with a variety of different actors and strong external partners at an insurance company that created a lot of joy. Do yourself what you sell to others. Which again brought me to targeted powerful leadership and growth programs together with selected customers and partners at different companies. There I experienced at close quarters how a very strong energy and power with very strong results can emerge. And how this can also blow out again.

Which eventually brought me to engage very intensively and in particular very proactively in the last 4 years - in collaboration with many inspiring and powerful people and enterprises in practice and on the university side - with how durable real peak performances are effectively being realized.

To push boundaries.

And how we can very strongly facilitate and accelerate this process.


Are you personally invested in your enterprise and are you facing a few challenges such as with your customers or internal collaboration? Do you have co-workers that are objecting against the upcoming changes? Do you want to bring your company to a qualitately new collaboration and performance level, so that everyone is pulling in the same direction with an inner force, confidence and energy? Do you want to create an enterprise that endures? One in which people don’t burn out or don’t risk their health or their private life?

Then you are predestined for our fast assistance. Everything you need for this is a 0.5d workshop with us and you will be under way in direct route.


What are we doing in this workshop specifically?

Simply said: we will concentrate on where your greatest force and energy by far sits. Your most powerful customer successes. Customer relationships which you are particularly proud of and take great joy in. Where you are working with certain customers and partners at a peak level. Where strong results and in particular energy, attraction and resonance are.

Your collective heroes and heroines stories and actual magnets. Stories with tractive power, emotions, outstanding results and potential for a lot of identity. The currently strongest version of your enterprise with the biggest power.

We will condense exactly these actual signposts, these powerful values and goals in action, to a power goal, a super-magnet, and a way that will pull and forward your enterprise - your career, your company, an entrepreneurial project or your investments - out of your current challenges.

Compare this work with when you are recharging unalloyed strength and energy at the sunlight at a lake, a river or on a mountain that means a lot to you. Or when you are enjoying cold-pressed delicious oil from olives in the Tuscany with crisp bread, fresh tagliatelle, a great sugo sauce from ripe aromatic tomatoes, with a great cheese and with fresh spices from your region together with a wine and people that mean something to you.

When you are recharging pure strength and energy.

Urnersee Riviera.png

A Real Power Place.

Lake Uri Riviera, www.windsurfing-urnersee.ch

This means specifically:

You will hold after this half-day workshop the 1st version of your actual Power GPS and Cockpit in your hands, together with an effective execution plan with instant quick wins with which you will be able to sustainably mobilize and - and that is the most important thing - personally engage and get your people on board in this process. Plus also: a highly activated leadership team.

Bottom-line: you will activate an inner force, a confidence and energy with this that will pull and accelerate your enterprise to collective pride and joy and exactly because of this to actual peak performances. And this even more in today’s wild VUCA world where a crystal-clear focus and concentrated power are required, stress levels are especially high, the emotions are flying high and the nerves flattering.

Calmness, power and equanimity.

With exactly 1 question:

Which are your most powerful customer successes?

Our compensation

Pay us what you want. What this Human Empowerment is worth to you. Call us or write to us if you want to know more or get to know us over a coffee.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely, Andrew Rutsch

our own COLLECTIVE power gpS

with successes that make us proud and bring us joy
we will create a whole lot more easily and faster a peak customer value which our customers very happily compensate and reward us for (not only financially)
as well as efficiency that brings us a lot of joy

a powerful goal and execution system

a Collective meaninG and energy, identification with the bigger whole and - exactly because of this - coentrepreneurial behavior, commitment and development willingness
growth, satisfaction and profit by itself

radiance, attractiveness, magnetic effect


Our fast and proven approach consists of targeted workshops, impulses and the Power-Navi and Cockpit as key centerpieces of our work.

With this, you will immediately activate a powerful goal and execution system.

One that pulls in and captivates people from the 1st second on and with which you will take a lot more easily - and in consequence - faster your career, your company, an entrepreneurial project or your investments to a new level.

And once you have generated sufficient momentum and energy, activate the turbo-boost if you want.

activate with this a natural growth cycle that will create a lot of joy


This is how we specifically work:

This is how we create mutual prosperity and growth

In our workshops you won’t focus on problems or weaknesses, but instead, you will create with our agile support in a few hours a goal and execution system that will pull and bring with immediate effect your co-worker, customer and partner relationships to a new level and will let you prosper. Which will set a positive self-reinforcing cycle free.

Briefly summarized:

concentrate on where

your greatest force and energy by far sit,

Meaning on your 4 most powerful customer successes, wHERE YOU ARE working with cERTAIN CUSTOMERS AND PARTNErs at a peak level, where strong results and in particular energy, attraction and resonance are

Customer relationships that YOU ARE particularly PROUD of aND TAKE GREAT JOY IN


Your actual magnets

radiance, attractiveness and

Magnet reduced a bit.jpg

magnetic effect as a result

Exactly These actual signposts

these powerful values and goals in action we will condense to a power goal and way,


that will pull and accelerate your enterprise to actual peak performances

and this even more so in hard times

Bottom-line: you will develop with this a mountain lake fresh joint perspective and a collective positive spirit that will bring your enterprise to a new level. An actual GPS and Cockpit with which you can be sure that you are also getting the required tractive force and energy to the ground in the specific execution.

Mountain Lake.jpg

The strong effect?

Thanks to this targeted pull or suction-activation and centering - this mentally and emotionally loading up - the resulting radiance and convincing powerful energy as well as the instant quick wins, you will win the involved parties - co-workers, customers and partners - better and more effectively for a joint goal direction and execution. You will create a real joint GPS. A real force. A strong and prospering collaboration: 1 + 1 = 3.

Pulled through the actual core goal - your power goal - in there to actually and effectively help your customers achieve a certain important and valuable goal that means something to you and, in this process, in this hierarchy, in this rank order, identify with the 3-4 decisive success criteria that directly pay into this goal, the reasons why these customers buy and use your product / service and want to expand the relationship with you. Which bottom-line will bring your reputation - your diamond - to shine and radiate.

Condense powerful values and goals to real targeted power

avoid large values exercises that won’t really serve anybody

With this extremly clear and highly effective steering and leading via collective strength and energy, via powerful values and an all unifying power goal, you will create a highly productive relationship with your co-workers, customers and partners, a natural growth cycle that creates a lot of joy and will make you understand your customer priorities and actual issues even more so. A whole lot of further value creation potential. Real tractive force and power.

Clarity, surety and joy

the decisive role of self-responsibility and of the

rightly pRIORITIZED Competencies in this value creation process


The self- and others-consciousness, the question of the actual identity, has absolute priority

all other skills and competencies can be developed

With the natural consequence of prospering yourself as a result even more so and building power because the news about this effectively human-centric - and exactly because of this - so productive collaboration will be talked about and you will also be generating this value creation consciously very efficiently. Whether as Profit or Non Profit-oriented organization. Your lasting value imprint or your strong reputation and brand as an enterprise, employer and as a partner. What you will be known for. An intrinsic healthy growth cyle.

This conscious and very intentional activation and centering will instantly release well-known natural messenger substances, positive activators and stabilizers such as dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin and endorphins in the process which will not only immediately change your blood chemistry, it will even further reinforce, increase and anchor the attractiveness and the actual success of your joint enterprise.

concentrate on the currently strongest version of your enterprise with the biggest power

In short:

With this extra-mobilizing and at the same time very level-headed Where Do We Have Real Tractive Force and Power - Why - and - That’s Exactly Why and What For - mindset and spirit - together with our targeted and fast support - you will turn your most powerful customer successes into actual magnets and with this into an actual power goal, a super-magnet, and a powerful way. Steered through a cockpit that packs a punch.

The reassuring insight in this process: everything is already there. Activate and use your countless magnets and, with this, pull and bring your career, your company, an entrepreneurial project or your investments to a new level. Facilitate and accelerate actual peak performances in a few hours this way. And if desired, we are happy to support you in your specific operational execution with our own strong partner network in a targeted way.

Build a 1st Version of your power gps and cockpit in 2-4 Hours

Power-Cockpit - simple.jpg

and activate with it a goal and execution setting that will pull and accelerate you forward

Do you want to learn more about our fast focused approach? Click here for the decisive starting questions in one of our Power Workshops.

Activate the joint force, confidence and energy that will pull and advance your professional development, company, entrepreneurial project or investments forward and make actual leaps in your productivity, performance capacity and efficiency - particularly in hard times. In this today’s VUCA world in which in times of transparency and technical interconnection a crystal-clear focus and a very conscious and targeted collaboration and cooperation have become absolutely central.

We Look Forward to Your Interest


Andrew Rutsch, Founder Kardia

Born in England, grew up in Stein AR, Switzerland, and living with his family in Zurich. Training as Sport Instructor at the Sport Military Training School in Magglingen. 20+ years experience in B2B and B2C markets in Europe, US and Asia. With joy and dedication from sports sales, marketing and HRM to leadership and organization development, to account management and to supporting targeted powerful leadership and growth programs with key customers and partners.

Most recently in a larger technology group with a powerful entrepreneurial DNA, in an actual candy store with inspiring business, sales, delivery and partner leaders. Leverage the Energy and the Power of the Group for Compelling Real Value and Profit - this became my personal motto over time and set the breeding ground and the fuel cell for my focus and my passion and fascination for how real peak performances in enterprises are effectively being realized. How an empowering climate and a culture, a shared identity and collaboration can immediately emerge that not only support outstanding performances but literally forward drive and advance them.

Sharpened and powered through an on-the-job doctorate on the topic of Leadership, Collaboration and Growth (UPenn GSE with Wharton, IMD, HSG St. Gallen), a Non-Profit project with inspiring and powerful peak companies such as a Bossard, a u-blox, a Läderach, a Hilti and many more in collaboration with ETH Zurich, ZHAW and HEG Fribourg, an engagement and course at the Hotel School Lausanne on the topic of Talent Management that makes a real difference,

a prospering workshop series - now in the 3rd run - and an incubator on Value Creation Leadership and Power in the Master of Science in Business Administration Program at HES-SO in Lausanne in collaboration with the Institute for Entrepreneurship and SME of HEG Fribourg, extra-strong enterprises and excelling leaders in the social and political space - that is, on the topic of leadership measured by the actual results, the actual value creation -

as well as many other inspiring people.

Our Principles

“The central principles in my advisory, training and coaching practice:

The customer steers and drives,

clarity and transparency in the service and actual support and

what I promote to my customers is what I do myself.” Andrew Rutsch


We look forward to getting in touch.

Where You Will Find Us


Dr. Andrew Rutsch, Kardia, Konrad Ilg-Strasse 22, CH-8049 Zurich
Telephone +41 79 203 0048 or E-Mail arutsch@kardia.network